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Our Mission

NACM Gulf States is dedicated to its business-to-business credit granting membership and deeply committed to the very best in government representation, professional certification and education, service and products for the credit & financial profession.
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As a member/owner of NACM Gulf States, you need to be a user of the products offered by the Association that YOU OWN! Times are tough, and your association needs you to purchase credit reports (NACM, D&B, Experian, Equifax, Kreller, Skyminder) and place collections with it to continue to provide the level of service we all now enjoy. 

You don’t have to be a credit manager to understand the very real fact that our $385 annual dues doesn’t amount to enough to pay the bills!  You are ALREADY buying product, we just need you to buy it through NACM Gulf States instead of other sources.  You’ll NEVER pay more and will probably pay less than you could on your own or through another provider. This association is YOURS and it is in need of your support NOW. How can you help?  Go here.