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Here's what we know:  Effective Receivable Management Means More Profit for Your Company.  Period.

Are you ready to stop chasing your old, bad debt and focus on profitable customers?  NACM Southwest, your association, is ready to take on your commercial collection accounts in the way you want and solely and only for your benefit.  As a member-governed organization, there are no shareholders or profit takers, only you - the stakeholders - who's interests we are bound to look after.

Part of the art of credit management is knowing when to call in the professionals for help. NACM Southwest Commercial Investigations and Collections service is so successful that we offer you an unbeatable guarantee: you only pay a fee when we collect! *

Commercial investigations and collections of NACM Southwest is an extension of your own efforts; unlike traditional collection agencies, we work hard to understand what your desired final results are and then work hard to achieve those results specifically: we know that one size does not fit all. You can monitor our collection activities on your accounts online 24/7 and, also unlike traditional collection agencies, permit you to see full detailed information, all the way down to the collector’s notes. You can send comments, new information or instructions securely and directly to the collector’s desk! Our collections professionals are experienced and extremely well trained.

You have our commitment that we will exhaust all voluntary recovery techniques known before recommending litigation to you. If litigation is eventually needed, no action will be taken without your written approval. When it does become necessary, we will forward your account to one of our bonded attorneys with a proven track record who understands how NACM members want their case handled.

Our standard collection procedures include:

*Continuing efforts every 1 to 3 days during the initial 30-day period after placement

*Complete skip-tracing procedures, including automated property, credit and assumed name research

*Ongoing follow-up for 90 days

*Account information provided to NACM National Trade Credit Report

*Bi-lingual collectors available (Spanish and English)

*Status reports provided on a real-time, online basis with 24 hour access to deep account detail via secure, private login

*Work with you on next-step actions, escalation and legal placement

We've never said it better than a member did:

"With all the reports of unscrupulous collection agencies, why would you not use the one collection agency you own: NACM Southwest? No agency will ever care as much about you and recovering your accounts like your NACM. It’s been true for over a century, and it’s still true today.  They talk to me, they help me make application and document changes to do better credit manager up front which, ultimately, cuts into their profit and business because I have fewer accounts to place.  Crazy, but true."

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*(or “find” your money…sometimes – believe it or not – money was misapplied, or the payment returned, or -gasp - your salesman withheld information, or the check was just put in someone’s drawer until it could be investigated. If we “find” it, we’ll ask you to pay for discovery because, well, we cleared it from your A/R and that was the goal, right?)


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