In 2012, NACM Gulf States was created when NACM of South Texas (in the greater Houston area) and NACM of Louisiana merged together. In 2018, NACM Gulf States and NACM Southwest merged together, becoming the largest credit association in the South, serving the states of Texas and Louisiana, southeastern New Mexico and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The new NACM Southwest brings it membership more information, networking and services for member companies. NACM Southwest is one of the premier affiliates in the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) family of Affiliates.

Formed to prevent fraud in business transactions over a century ago, NACM Southwest is currently third largest affiliate in the National Association of Credit Management's national network, which has over 32 locations across the country. NACM Southwest is dedicated to service to its business-to-business credit granting membership and deeply committed to the very best in government representation, professional certification and education, service and products for the credit and financial profession. We offer members rock-bottom prices for top-shelf quality, since profit is not our motivation; our sole interest is our member's excellence in preventing fraud and maximizing profits for their companies. NACM Southwest is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, with a full-time staff, located in offices in Dallas, Houston and in Shreveport and New Orleans, Louisiana.

NACM Southwest creates or seeks out and offers members the finest credit products available in the marketplace today. We have designed or partnered with only the very best and have negotiated group pricing to provide the benefit of the buying power enjoyed by the largest companies in the US through membership and affiliation with NACM Southwest.

We represent and offer all business credit products from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Equifax, Skyminder International and consumer credit reports (with permissible purpose) to NACM's National Trade Credit Report – the NACM credit report created from A/R data contributed by members nationwide. We also provide our members with access, including preferred pricing, to United Tranzactions (UTA) services for credit card processing and electronic funds transfer payments along with many other trusted sources of credit and financial products.

Additionally, industry credit group allow members to obtain real time, historical, factual payment experience on customers in an industry specific environment. Local, regional and national credit groups representing all major industries are available to NACM members.

NACM may be the only source that can truly represent your needs by creating custom solutions utilizing any and all of the business credit products available. Around NACM Southwest, our success is measured only by your success.

The organization has been committed to excellence in service to companies that extend open account payment terms to other companies since 1906...we have so much to offer the business credit professional, it's hard to put it all in one place.

If you would like to learn how NACM Southwest can help your company to prevent fraud and protect its accounts receivable, please complete the Information Request Form so that an NACM Representative may contact you to personalize your NACM options and answer any questions you may have.