FAQs about NACM Southwest

How many years have you been in business?
Since 1906!  And, in 2018, NACM Gulf States merged with NACM Southwest, becoming the largest NACM Affiliate in the south!

What is NACM Southwest?
NACM Southwest is a trade association for business credit grantors - anyone who gives a customer goods
now and gets paid later. If that's you, you belong here!

Who's in charge?
We are proud to have an extremely dedicated and competent staff, but the true governance of the association
rests with a member-elected Board of Directors.

Are you only local?
NACM Southwest operates in the great state of Texas, Louisiana, along the Mississippi Gulf and in Southern New Mexico.
We proudly serve national group members all over the country and in Canada.  We are affiliated with the National
Association of Credit Management, with 12,000 members nationwide.

 FAQS about the NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR)

What makes your reports different from any other reports?

  • Because we are a trade association, you work to serve you.
  • The data you contribute makes your NACM report.
  • We check each report to be sure that you receive all of the information we have and, if not, we merge/link/clean up your
    report and resend it to you.
  • We support the NACM National Trade Credit Report, an initiative of NACM Affiliates across the country to pool and share data.
  • Our focus is on TRADE PAYMENT history, not telephone, credit card or utilities. 
  • Members in NACM Southwest are identified by member number; you can talk with them about the payment history!
  • Combined, NACM has the largest number of commercial data contributors.
  • You enjoy exclusive POLL MY GROUP privileges with every credit report, essentially able to build your own on-demand report.
  • Access to a 12-month rolling history of trade payment from other contributors.
  • Personal service from people on the ground in your market.

Where does the data come from?
All trade data on the NTCR report is contributed directly for members by members.  We collect nationwide business bankruptcies plus
some public record information which will appear on the report, plus corporate data if it has been verified with the State.

What if  my data is wrong?
Because it's owned and created by users, you will have an option on each report to add or update your information.

Do you require a contract?
No.  Any member can pay-as-you-go, but contracts can significantly decrease your report price and we urge members
to consider taking a right-sized contract.  For large users, unlimited access contracts are available so you don't have
to keep track of what you've used.

What if I pull a report that has no information on it?
That's easy.  We automatically credit it back to your account.

 FAQs about Collections

Are you bonded and, if so, for what amount?
Yes, and we carry a Fidelity Bond in the amount of $1M

Are you insured and, if so, for what amount?
   We carry the following coverages:
   Association Professional Liability - $1M
   Commercial Package Policy - $1M
   Commmercial Umbrella Liability Policy - $1M
   Collections Professional Liability - $1M

Do you required a certified audit?
Yes.  Performed annual by an independent accounting firm.

Do you use bonded Commercial Law League of America attorneys for referral?
Yes, we use CLLA members on a nationwide basis.  All Forwarding attorneys engaged by NACM Southwest subscribe to
at least one law list registry.  The registries provide a fidelity bond for clients in case an impropriety occurs.  And we
have used the law list bond, by the way!

Do you require clients to have a contract to place collections?
No. A simple placement form can be either individual by account or blanket, as you prefer.

Do you hold checks before remitting to clients?  If so, for how long?
Yes, we do hold debtor payments for 14 working days, pending bank clearance.  Debtor funds are deposited
in a Trust Fund and are never co-mingled with any other funds.  Not surprisingly, your debtors will give
us a bad check just to get us off their backs for awhile. All attorney trust checks and all
certified funds are released to you immediately. 

Do you return any unused court costs?
Of course, yes.

Do you skip-trace placed accounts?
We have access to all commercial credit reports, and can search for a debtor by name, addresss or
any phone number.  Additionally, we have access to an information source that is not available to
most people, and we have found great success finding debtors.

What if you find that we misapplied funds, or took a return on the debt placement?
We call that "discovery," as in we "discovered" why it had not been paid.  While it may not put any more dollars
in your company pockets, we did clear it off of your A/R, often after a great deal of work.  We charge a reduced rate
for discovery but still expect to be paid for our work (as would you).

Do you report my debtors to credit bureaus?
We report them on the NACM National Trade Credit Report, which is distributed by NACM Affiliates
nationwide to commercial businesses such as you.  You will always have the option to opt out of reporting.

What about my international debtors?
NACM Southwest specializes in international collections, and we have had phenominal success
with collections from difficult places like Saudi Arabia, China, Columbia and Mexico.