NACM Southwest Mission

Reliable Resources ● Informed Decisions ● Optimal Profits

NACM Southwest is dedicated to its business-to-business credit granting membership and deeply committed to the very best in government representation, professional certification and education, service and products for the credit & financial profession. All of our actions and activities are toward assuring a fair and equitable business environment, free from fraud, in which business are paid according to the terms and condition underwhich the sale was made.

NACM Southwest Core Values

  1. You depend on us and the information we provide to be truthful and reliable enough to make a sales decision or take a risk, and we always go the extra mile to be sure that we are worthy of that kind of trust.
  2. Our job is to guarantee that you can use NACM Southwest products and services with complete and total confidence.
  3. We give you our absolute, unwavering commitment to personal and corporate integrity.
  4. Service matters. We are only as good as our last contact with you.
  5. We will only promise you those things that we know we can do; we won't promise what we can't deliver.
  6. You will know what we know! Professional and industry information will be freely available and accessible. Your need-to-know will be our need-to-know.
  7. You will be honored and respected as a customer, as a person, as an owner.
  8. We care about your business. Solely on your behalf, we impact the business community positively and constantly.
  9. You will see our face in your community - working, sharing and caring.
  10. Our people are valued, for they are the single most important way we serve you.
  11. You are a professional; we will tell the world your extraordinary value through certification and education.
  12. We will do what's right for you, and always look out for your interests because you are our interest.

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