NACM Southwest Advocacy & Government Affairs


Why is Advocacy Important?

The National Association of Credit Management Gulf States (South Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi), works on the national, state and local level to assure that business creditor rights are established and protected. A Government Affairs Committee of volunteer members oversees all activities of the Association on behalf of its members.



 In recent years, Southwest members have been instrumental in visits to Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, representing business credit grantor interests regarding bankruptcy & bankruptcy reform, the 3% withholding tax, maintaining the difference between consumer and commercial/business credit in government regulation and other issues critical to the health and well being of the business credit grantor.

(Photos: Left - NACM Southwest members on the steps of the Supreme Court Building. Right - A group of NACM Southwest members recently attended the Sentinal Award ceremony for Congressman Kevin Brady in Washington DC)  

NACM Gulf States with Rep Kevin Brady at his award ceremony


In Austin, NACM has been very successful in maintaining business creditors' rights in the State of Texas. Ever vigilant for issues which will impact the business to business community, NACM Southwest was instrumental, during the last session, in working with allied Associations to get statutory lien releases included in the Texas Property Code, thereby eliminating trick language or excessive release requirements in both partial and full lien releases.

We have defended construction suppliers' rights to "removeables" on construction projects; many NACM members trekked to the Business and Industry Committee's hearings on a bill presented that would have severely impacted construction supplier rights of recovery, assuring that committee members understood the importance of treating material NACM members in Sylvester Turner's office in Austinsuppliers on residential construction jobs fairly.

Recently, we have become active in Louisiana issues, identifying opportunities to bring the business to business message to the Louisiana legislature for the benefit of all business credit grantors. The 2013 legislative session in Louisiana will see us taking steps to assure that credit grantor lien rights continue to be fair and reasonable.

NACM  Southwest has always worked closely with NACM National, assuring that the message we carry is one that can be supported on a national level, and that our communications are consistent, concise and supportable.

Every member of NACM Southwest is welcome to join Us!

Our advocacy works because NACM members get involved and step forward to "tell their story" to elected officials. Our legislators and their staff sincerely want to understand how the consequences of the laws they pass will affect the your company and its ability to conduct business. Only you can tell that story, and we invite you to become involved. It's easy and it's important.

For information about our activities, to volunteer for committee service or any other inquiry, please contact NACM Southwest.