Industry Benchmarking

Interested in understanding where your company can improve their performance levels?  Participation in TRMG’s annual benchmarking survey will provide your company with strategic data allowing you to gauge your company’s effectiveness against that of your peers in the industry.  

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TRMG Annual Benchmarking Report measures the following items:

Accounts Receivable Metrics: 

  • Breakdown of aging by percent in traditional aging buckets.
  • Average Days Sales of Outstanding
  • Collection Effectiveness Index (CEI)

Credit Metrics:

  • Bad Debt Ratio

Billing Metrics:

  • Percentage of load tenders or bills of lading that are received and imported into order entry system
  • Invoice Delivery Method
  • Breakdown of invoices by delivery method type: EDI, Email, Online, Paper, Other
  • Percentage of Paperless Invoicing

Cash Application Metrics:

  • In what forms are invoice payments received: ACH, Paper, Credit Card, Cash, Other
  • Do you surcharge for credit card payments?

Collections Metrics:

  • What percentage of revenue was turned over to an outside collection agency / outsourcing firm?
  • Of the revenue turned over to a collection agency, what is the gross (no adjustments) percent that has been collected?