Dun & Bradstreet Partner

NACM Southwest is a proud representative of Dun & Bradstreet solutions in the marketplace; we are well versed and trained in finding the right solutions for you from the "gold standard" provider in credit reporting and automated solutions.

When Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) business credit reports are the right choice for your customer base, but you are not sure that a large contract makes sense or what D&B level is what you need, NACM Southwest is here to help. We offer D&B reports at a deep discount over a direct purchase online or by telephone and we can help you select the D&Bi level that you really need -not what a salesman wants you to have. Our friendly Credit Interchange staff is always here to back you up and assist in solving problem or training your credit staff , too, whether you are spending $60 or $60,000.

Here is a sampling of the D&B Reports that NACM Southwest can provide:

Low Risk Decisions: Credit Check Report (only available to NACM Members)

A snapshot of a business to review their payment and public filings summaries, business history & operations and special events.

Low-Medium Risk Decisions: D&B Payment Profile Report

In-depth historical analysis of a business' payment habits as reported to D&B, and information on how a company pays its bills compared to other firms in the same industry. This report contains Executive summary, D&B Paydex, Public Records, Credit Limit Recommendations, Paydex Yearly Trend, Payment Habits, Payment Summary and Detailed Payment History.

Medium Risk Decisions: D&B Commercial Credit Scoring Report®

Estimates a company's future payment performance. This report predicts the likelihood that a company will become severely delinquent in payment (90 days past terms) over the next 12 months; includes comparisons to other companies.

Medium-High Risk Decisions: D&B Business Information Report®

Get extensive background information on a company. This easy-to-read format provides everything from basic information to payment experiences, corporate structure, financial strength and suits, liens and judgments (when available to D&B).

High Risk Decisions: D&B Comprehensive Report®

This report combines features from all of the above reports. The best report for large exposure. , it provides informative, in-depth evaluation of a company's financial stability. Easy-to-read and provides data helpful in predicting financial stress.

DNBi   seamlessly integrates D&Bi business intelligence with your customers right at your desktop. With several levels of integration available, NACM Southwest can help create a D&Bi solution that works for your company.

Our professional consultants can help choose the right D&B product at the right price for your specific need, too, because what YOU need is the only thing we care about. Call today for more information, to order a report or inquire about contract options. Ask today for more information on how to obtain D&B reports; you cannot obtain a lower price anywhere! Call us at 281.228.6100.