They've come a long way, baby! Forget the days when everyone thought that an Equifax Credit Report meant it had to be a consumer product. Today, an Equifax Business Credit Report provides a business profile, public records, and historical payment information for a business's trade credit accounts, bank and leasing obligations.

To thrive and grow, your business needs to efficiently link analysis to action to help increase revenue make better credit, collections and marketing decisions.   Equifax can provide you with insights and innovation that help reduce the risks associated with everyday credit and business decisions.

Business Credit Industry Report (BCIR) Plus 2.0

BCIR Plus 2.0 from Equifax helps you make confident credit decisions when an in-depth assessment is needed. We can help you effectively manage client relationships, so that you can grow your current account base, identify candidates for increased credit limits, and minimize risk exposure. BCIR Plus 2.0 provides insight into business’s financial obligations, payment performance, financial/legal relationships to other businesses, and match strength/confidence level indicators for the entity inquired upon.                 

Business Activity Monitor (BAM)

Do you need to anticipate increasing account risk or new revenue opportunities with existing customers? Are you wasting time manually monitoring your accounts for important changes? Business Activity Monitor (BAM) from Equifax helps you efficiently manage more accounts through automated alerts to customer changes involving credit scores, bankruptcies and public filings, and reported changes in ownership, management or address. Now you can set customizable alerts on up to 23 distinct criteria to help you anticipate emerging account risk and take proactive steps to protect your business and your customer relationships.

Canadian Credit Reports

NOBODY does Canadian reports like Equifax. If you are buying them from any one else, they are just reformatting and reselling you Equifax information. NACM Southwest offers better than market prices on Equifax Canadian Reports, one at a time on on a contract basis. Just ask!

International Business Reports

Protect your business with comprehensive checks on the financial status of internationally-based suppliers and customers. With International Business Reports you can securely and profitably expand your business with comprehensive access to fresh business data from more than 290 countries, including key emerging markets.

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