We scoured the market for the best international credit report partner, and believe that our partners, Kreller Group and Skyminder, provides the absolute best value for your dollar in international reports and services.

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kreller credit white 140911Kreller Credit assists multinational corporations in making sound foreign credit and supplier assessment decisions. We help clients navigate the constantly evolving international commerce landscape. Kreller Credit identifies potential obstacles that can pose inherent risks to businesses. Our network of analysts and agents provide vital information to ensure that credit transactions are authentic and secure. Our investigations yield comprehensive research and findings other firms cannot identify. Kreller Credit also provides global debt servicing and strictly adheres to standards set forth by industry certification agencies.

  • International Credit Investigations
  • International Sourcing Financial Evaluations
  • Domestic Credit Investigations
  • Domestic Sourcing Financial Evaluations
  • International Collections & Asset Recovery
  • Customized Global Credit Investigations

Kreller Group provides comprehensive international due diligence services to help clients mitigate risk as well as maintain their stock value and corporate reputation.  International investigations must go beyond database inquiries. Kreller incorporates the latest technology with a boots-on-the-ground investigative process, completed in real time and utilizing direct source verification. We investigate every finite detail to ensure a company’s business endeavors, associations and resources are ethical and secure. 

  • FCPA Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Corporate CompliancePrograms
  • Domestic & International Background Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Investigations & Protection
  • Franchise & Franchisee Vetting
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Vetting Licensing Partners
  • Vetting Distributors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Joint Ventures
  • Asset Investigations
  • Risk Assessment/Management
  • Gaming Probity Investigations
  • Employee Whistleblower Cases
  • Vendor Verification
  • Executive Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Special Investigations  

skyminderThe Skyminder international database provides freshly investigated credit information on public and private companies throughout the world, including data from over 230 countries, with comprehensive content for 29 million European companies; it is collected, checked, and correlated via a sophisticated network of local data collection centers. The reports may integrate company profiles, financial statements, credit information, executive names and/or biographies.

Based on your sensitivity to speed and price, Skyminder allows you to select from multiple sources, with all timetable and price options available. If you're ready for a pricing quote, use this form.

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