The internet is filled with companies offering inexpensive credit reports. But only the NACM National Trade Credit Report has the extensive trade database that can give you the information needed to make informed credit decisions. The trade payment history comes from the members of 17 NACM Affiliates representing over 32 locations coast to coast (and counting). These tradelines are submitted through monthly accounts receivable submissions and NACM Industry Credit Groups. Each affiliate is identified in the report, with the tradelines from that affiliate location displaying under their name. The most recent tradeline per NACM member is displayed in the tradeline section and historical trade payments reported are graphically trended in the next section of the report, comparing 2 years of the customer's payment history. From these trends, the NACM National Trade Credit Report presents a graphical look at the percent past due over time, and calculates a real-time score.

Trade payment information and payment trending– Our specialty!

In 2010, NACM members responded to a nationwide survey about what they considered the most important elements of a credit report, and the resounding answer was "tradelines, tradelines, tradelines." And that is our specialty. Members find current, deep trade data on an NACM National Trade Credit Report; we pride ourselves on having the most current data ANYWHERE...if it isn't, we'll get busy to make it that way (usually at no additional charge to you). NACM doesn't presume that you need the payment information manipulated and interpreted for you, either. Easy to read, easy to find detailed payment information is right there, up front, on the report.

Predictive Scoring

NACM National Trade Credit Reports also offer the BEST predictive credit scoring you'll ever see....real time, deeply analytic, powerfully predictive. NACM National Trade Credit Report Scores follow the same value assignments as consumer credit scores (850 is best possible) so they are easy to read and understand. Additionally, the top reasons for the score assigned are listed next to the score, adding further understanding, along with a Risk Category classification of 1 to 5

Public Records

Nationwide business bankruptcies, tax liens, judgements and mechanic & materialman liens (for the metro Houston, New Orleans and Baton Rouge markets) are posted every week to the NACM National Trade Credit Report.

Free Alert Service

For members contributing electronic A/R aging information to the NACM National Trade Credit Report, the free Alert Service provides a daily email "heads-up" on activity with customers that you may not yet be aware , allowing for quick action to protect your company and mitigate any losses.

Poll My Group – Custom Building the Report for free

NACM Southwest members who participate in an industry credit group additionally enjoy access to the Poll My Group feature. Ever pulled a credit report to find less than adequate information to make a decision? Now, members can simply select the Poll My Group button and send a safe, secure inquiry to all of the members of the industry credit group requesting payment history on the customer. With our free 72 hour look-back period, it is easy to come back a couple of times to see how the report has improved. No chasing references, and a credit report that can be put in your file supporting your credit decision.

Other Features Members Value

  • Many files contain corporate records from state offices, including officers, corporate status & registered agent
  • Flash Notifications from members on liens, bankruptcies, collection referrals, NSF checks, etc.
  • Federal & Texas State Tax Liens
  • Useful General Information - websites, fax numbers, tax ID numbers, etc.
  • Ability to arrange direct contact with other members on specific trade line questions
  • Access to 12 month payment history from contributing members' trade data
  • Ability to FREE searches with "sneak preview" of just how much information is in the report (or not!), before the purchase
  • Search by company, principal, address or phone number
  • Poll My Group to build an instant, scored credit report with responses from your fellow industry credit group members
  • 24/7 secure internet access
  • Skip the fluff - created by and for credit professionals, not marketing professionals
  • If it's not right, we'll make it right
  • All at a price point you simply won't believe!

Click HERE to see a Sample NACM National Trade Credit Report

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