NACM Southwest Collections Department

International debt collections require a very specialized set of knowledge and skills. The professionals in the NACM Southwest international commercial debt recovery department can provide an essential component to a company's credit department when past due receivables are outside of the United States.

Offering a full and innovative range of international recovery services, some of which are exclusive to NACM members, we offer pre-collection demand services, asset and liability investigations (limited to certain countries), and several levels of collection effort escalating to complete litigation services. Our services are easily integrated into your collection process, and we provide unlimited access to your debt placement information and real-time status reports online. Members can drill all the way down to the collector's notes, allowing detailed and convenient monitoring of accounts when and how the member – not the collection agency – wants it. Our civil investigators and attorneys are licensed, bonded and most importantly, business credit trained.

The NACM Southwest international commercial debt recovery process is designed to collect past due accounts, large or small, as quickly as possible, and we get results. Our agents are firm but fair with your customers. In all cases the first step after the account is placed is to notify the debtor via phone, email or other methods to make an immediate demand for full payment. The intensity and contact increases if payment is not made, but each escalating step is made with the member and always with your ultimate goals in mind: Full balance only? Willing to settle? Stomach to file suit?

NACM Southwest's international collections staff has the ability to utilize many resources to recover money. While we won't divulge our proprietary systems, network of contacts or resources, one thing is for certain: if it is collectable, we'll get the money!

What does it cost?

International recovery fees are all contingent upon collection and are as follows:

31% normal or rack rate (discounts are available for NACM members)

For balance over $100,000.00, discounts may be applied based on the elements of the case. In order to qualify for this preferred rate schedule, the debts that are placed must be less than one year old, the debtor company must still be in business with a current physical address and working phone number, (and fax number and email address, if possible). For accounts that do not meet this criteria, the rack rate of 31% will apply.

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