The Association and its Credit Groups endorse and comply with the highest standards of professional conduct. These guidelines are for the protection of this Group, our individual companies, and the Association.

 1. Antitrust Compliance Statement

The antitrust laws of the United States are intended to prevent any cooperative attempt to control, interfere with, or restrict free trade, and shall be strictly complied with in all respects by the Association and each of its members.

The object of this Credit Group is the collection and exchange of credit experience information which is to be used solely to facilitate the formation of individual business judgments based upon increased knowledge of past transactions. It does not imply in any manner that the Credit Group or the Association recommends that any credit relationship be conducted or modified in any way.

Neither prices nor credit terms may be discussed. No future intentions of members may be reported or discussed. Under no circumstances shall the members of this Group give advice or otherwise attempt to influence the independent judgment of other members in the extension of credit.

All discussions of credit practices and policies must be general in nature and not pertain to any particular customer or competitor, and discussions of specific company policies must be avoided.

2. Anti-defamation Statement

Slanderous statements in Group meetings must be carefully avoided; they may subject all Group members to major damage suits by persons who consider themselves to have been defamed.

Members must avoid giving opinions or making any statements which imply that any individuals are dishonest, fraudulent or immoral.

Statements which might be considered slanderous should not be used in meetings unless the member making the statement can prove from clear evidence that the statement is true.

 3. Confidentiality Statement

All information obtained at meetings or otherwise from the Group, including rosters of members, is to be considered strictly confidential and is not to be divulged to or discussed with any person outside the member's own credit department under any circumstances.