Credit Withdrawn List and Express Flash Notification

Instruction Sheet

These are the instructions for your new Credit Withdrawn List. The information can now be submitted and retrieved in "real time" from the NACM Houston website. You will have the ability to enter the data at your own pace and to retrieve the information using your own date parameters – daily, weekly, monthly! You may even use the Express Notification Option to insure the other members of your group have immediate access to the information. Although you have the option of printing the report or saving it to your PC you can always be assured the data will be in the system and available at any time for your review. THE KEY TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS FEATURE FOR YOUR GROUP IS EACH OF YOU TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR GETTING THE INFORMATION INTO THE SYSTEM IN A TIMELY MANNER.

In order to access the following areas, please visit our web site at

Click on Member Login
Enter Member Access Code & Operator's Initials


Click on Flash Submittal found on Member Only Screen
Select NAEC Credit Withdrawn from the dropdown box
User may submit information using one of the following choices:

1) Select Customer Search to search the database for the subject to be entered. The system will display search results and the User selects the correct subject. If the system DOES NOT locate the subject/file, the User MUST manually enter the subject information

2) Select the AR Number Search button, enter the AR number that is applicable to the subject being submitted (note: this feature ONLY applies to members who contribute their A/R file to NACM)

3.) Manually enter all account information

Click Submit

NOTE: The NAEC Group has set the minimum dollar criteria at a $5K balance.


  • Click on the Member Login
  • Enter Member Access Code & Operator's Initials
  • Click on Flash History Look Up
  • Select the NAEC Credit Withdrawn Code
  • Enter your date parameters (You may also limit your search to a specific state.)
  • Click on Start
  • The NAEC Group Credit Withdrawn List will appear and can be printed in alpha format and/or saved on your individual PC


  • Follow the instructions for Submit above
  • Please note that other notification categories are available such as Returned Check Insufficient, Bankruptcy, etc.
  • Select Yes prior to clicking Submit
  • All members of your group will receive an email alert