According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 70 percent of new businesses survive at least two years, but that drops to 50 percent by the five-year mark and 33 percent at the 10-year point, with just 25 percent lasting 15 years or more.

Startling statistic, isn't it? And a good number of those potential failures are your customers! NACM, the trade association for business credit grantors, has long been the business-to-business provider of choice for credit and financial information on commercial customers, allowing business-to-business sellers to protect their investment in their customers.

Businesses know that confirming the creditworthiness of their customers before extending credit and then monitoring the customer's condition and performance during their relationship is the very best way to protect their accounts receivable (often the largest asset of a company, after physical plant & property). Time and time again, just a single piece of information obtained from NACM via a business credit report, an industry credit group meeting, Alert notice, or industry update has proven valuable enough to justify the cost of a company's membership for decades to come.

NACM membership is open to any company who:

  • Sells on terms (goods now, pay later) to other businesses
  • Recognizes the value of accounts receivable as a company asset
  • Is interested in protecting their receivables
  • Cares about compliance with state and federal law regarding collection practices, lien law, bankruptcy preference & reclamation of goods, credit granting, and more
  • Is willing to invest their peoples' time to protect their accounts receivable
  • Has a commitment to excellence
  • Has high ethical business standards & practices
  • Prefers to obtain business credit products & services from a company they have ownership in
  • Is not in the primary business of commercial collections

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Current and active members include companies in these industries:

  • major energy suppliers
  • oilfield service & supply
  • electrical supply
  • building materials, including lumber & drywall
  • contractors supply
  • plumbing supply
  • advertising & media
  • hotel, restaurant & institutional supply
  • personnel services
  • steel and metal manufacturers & suppliers
  • metal buildings & their components
  • concrete suppliers
  • logistics services providers
  • trucking & transportation providers
  • railroads
  • fuel and trailer leasing providers
  • wholesale nurseries & growers
  • wastewater supply manufacturers
  • drywall supply
  • heavy equipment leasing
  • 3PLs
  • and more!

NACM Southwest Membership Benefits:

  • Access to people and publications that can help you make quick, informed selling decisions
  • Exclusive, member only access to the Knowledge Vault, providing direct access to list of experts who are at your disposal on key topics, including:
    • Letters of credit
    • Credit applications
    • International issues
    • Escheatment & taxation issues
    • Collections
    • Guarantees
    • DSO calculations
  • Education programs designed for adult credit & finance professionals: from basic to advanced techniques and tips for protecting your company's cash & receivables assets
  • Access to industry peers through Industry Credit Groups; exchange critical "right-now" factual trade information and Poll My Group
  • Access to Portfolio Risk Analysis tool; we do all the work for you
  • Access to Credit Reference Service, easing your response load
  • Access NACM National Trade Credit Reports, which specialize in the trade payment history of your business customers
  • Network with other credit decision makers
  • Maintain knowledge of best practices
  • Earn a nationally recognized credit professional certification
  • Representation on state issues – Texas & Louisiana
  • Monthly issues of Business Credit Pro
  • Product and service discounts available for:
    • Business & Consumer credit reports, including the exclusive NACM National Trade Credit Report, Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reports, Experian Business Credit Reports, Equifax Business Credit Reports, Skyminder and Kreller International Credit Reports
    • Software solutions
    • Professional collection services at discounted rates
    • Seminars and workshops on critical topics in credit & finance
    • Credit card processing, check verification and EFT services

Membership Categories

Membership categories are described in the Bylaws of the Association. Additional categories are defined for Academic, Interim and Honorary Members, which can be found in the Bylaws.

The Regular membership in this Association shall be in the name of the company, but representative shall be designated by the company upon its application for membership. The accredited representative must either be of the treasury, credit or financial department. Each Regular membership is entitled to but one representative and no member division, subsidiary or branch firm may receive separate services except on application of another Regular membership. The accredited representative may be changed at any time by the company upon notification. Regular members may participate in an industry credit group. The representative of the Regular member has equal voting rights with any other representative of a Regular member and may hold office in the Association.

An Associate membership is the second or third, etc. representative in addition to the Regular representative and the Regular representative may designate the names of the Associate representatives. No firm may have an Associate membership without first qualifying for a Regular membership. An Associate membership has voting rights, and any Associate representative may hold any elected or appointed office. All industry credit group participants must be either Regular or Associate representatives of Regular members unless approved by the group chairman as a guest.

Business Partner Members. A Business Partner is a type of Affiliated member (Regular, Multiple, Honorary) in accordance with the NACM Bylaws, which is a commercial entity having some form of relationship/arrangement to provide benefit/value to NACM member companies and/or their staff. Business Partners belong to an Affiliate for many reasons, including but not limited to, promoting their business for business development purposes, providing expertise to fellow members, and/or for public relations purposes. Representatives from a company classified as a Business Partner Regular Member or Business Partner Multiple Member do not have direct responsibility for credit/finance related functions in their company. A business partner can be a supplier of credit related products and/or services to member companies, or a supplier of complementary offerings that benefit member companies. Business Partner Members shall have voting rights and the right to hold office. Collection agencies shall not qualify for membership, except under specific industry credit group grandfathering circumstances.

The Regular, or Primary, representative of a company is designated at the time a member firm joins.

A new National membership is also available to large companies, located in multiple states, wanting to join five or more different NACM Affiliates.

All NACM Southwest memberships include NACM National membership.

NACM National Benefits:

  • Nine issues of Business Credit magazine
  • eNews, NACM's weekly electronic wrap up of news
  • 24/7 online access to the NACM Resource Library ("Google" search topics and questions by key word, including all NACM textbooks, publications and past issues of Business Credit Magazine)
  • Legislative representation in Washington D.C. on the Federal level for business credit issues
  • Participation in the Credit Managers Index – a leading business economic index
  • Access to experts and resources to help answer your toughest questions
  • The power of a 10,000+ business national network
  • Member rates for Credit Congress & Exposition, the only national conference specifically for business credit grantors
  • Member rates for the NACM Professional Designation Program – the only nationally recognized certification program for commercial credit professionals
  • Member rates in the NACM Credit Learning Center, with over 75 different learning modules available 24/7
  • Member rates in the NACM Bookstore

New NACM Members enjoy, upon signing, the following:

  • $100 off Credit Congress Full Delegate Registration Fee
  • $500 off NACM Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management
  • $20 off the Certification Program Registration Fee
  • $50 off one of NACM's three Online Courses
  • 20% Discount on Careers in Commercial Credit, Collections & Finance (job posting/resume search)
  • Free Shipping on your mail or fax order of $50 or more from the NACM-National Bookstore
  • $10 off one Audio Teleconference
  • 15% off one NACM Logo Item
  • 25% off the 98th Edition of Manual of Credit & Commercial Laws
  • Free Merchant Card Processing Analysis
  • $100 off NACM's MLBS Lien Navigator

For information on NACM Southwest membership and how to join, use the NACM Information Request Page or call 281.228.6100.