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Awards History

Credit Executive of the Year

2017     Don Burell, CCE, Schlumberger Technology Corp

2016     John D. Herberger, Esq

2015     Bruce McKee, Packaging Services/Solv Chem

2014     Fred Mansky, CCE, Blueline Rentals

2013     Kathy Wall, Standard Materials

2012     Doug Dunlap, CCE, Select Energy Services

2011     Carolyn Pavlovsky, CCE, Tyco Valves & Controls NA

2010     Pre Moss, Schlumberger Technology Services

2009     Don Pinkston, Smith International

2008     Lisa Childress, Bison Building Materials

2007     Jay Wald, CCE, Core Laboratories LP

2006     Johnny S. Walker White, Houston Chronicle

2005     Lourdes Mulligan, CBF, National Oilwell Varco Inc.

2004     Madeline Sprague, CCM, Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank

2003     Chris Myers, Credit Alternatives

2002     Linda Bost, CCE, Simplex Grinnell

2001     Barbara Garrels, Cemex USA

Excellence in Credit

2017     Andrews Myers PC

2015     Jake's Finer Foods

2014     Wholesale Electrical Distributors

2013     Waukesha Pearce Industries Inc

2012     Marek Bros Systems

2011     Gulf & Basco, LP & Andrews Myers, PC

2010     Startex Power

2009     Dore & Associates

2008     ACT Pipe & Supply & JD Herberber & Associates

2007     Schlumberger Technology Corporation

2006     Credit Alternatives & West End Lumber

2005      Royal Baths Manufacturing

2004      Bison Building Materials

2003      Transit Mix Concrete & Materials

2002      Dunn Enterprises, Inc & Waukesha Pearce Industries

2001     Warren Electric Group

Honorary Members

2017    Bruce McKee and Debbie Melder, CCE

2016    Linda Bost, CCE, Wayne Hicks, CCE, Carolyn Pavlovsky, CCE, Jim Sczudlo, CCE

2014    Rosalind Turner, John Farrell, Linda Sparks, Phyllis Feil, Chuck Kylander, Don Jeffers, CBF

2011     Pre Moss

2009     Leanne Pease, CCE

2007     Hans Polk, CCE, Phil Mazza (deceased), Jim Ronza (deceased)

2005     Ben Torrance, CCE

2004     Henry J. Brockman, CCE

2001     Berniedean Blackmore, CCE, Carol Lee Carhart (deceased)

WJ Wissel Chairman's Citation

2017     Don Burell, CCE, Sclumberger and Anne Scarcella, CCE, Jake's Finer Foods

2016     Don Burell, CCE, Schlumberger Oilfield Technology and Kathleen Quill, CAE, CBA, NACM Gulf States

2015     Don Giallance, CCE, Halliburton

2014     Don Giallanza, CCE, Halliburton

2013     John Stryker, Citgo Petroleum, Kathy Wall, Standard Materials & Carl Dore, Dore & Associates

2012     Gary White, CCE, Waste Management

2011     Carl Dore, Dore & Associates & Charles Dunlap, Lone Star Appliance & Repair

2010     Chris Myers, Credit Alternatives

2008     Skip Kline, Frontier Materials, Steve Krischke, NACM Houston & Michele Hamby, NACM Houston

2007     Bernard Forde, NACM Houston & Robert Davis, NACM Houston

2006     Karen Bennett, Scientific Drilling International & Rosie Prosser, NACM Houston

2005     Bernard Forde, NACM Houston

2004     NACM Staff, NACM Houston

2003     Gary White, CCE, Waste Management, Ronnie D. Archer, CCE, Dunn Enterprises, Ben Burch, Mitchell Mortgage, 
             David McMillen, CCE, Waukesha Pearce & K
athleen Quill, CAE, NACM Houston

2002     Ben Torrance, CCE, Mustang Tractor & Equipment & Kathryn Reed, NACM Houston

2001     Ben Torrance, CCE, Mustang Tractor & Equipment & Liz Childs, Warren Electric Group

2000     Ronnie D. Archer, CCE, Dunn Enterprises

Recent Chairmen of the former NACM Gulf States Board

 2017-18    Anne Scarcella, CCE, Jake's Finer Foods
 2016-17    Jackie Hoelting, CCE, GSC Wholesale
 2015-16    Jackie Hoelting, CCE, Silver Eagle Distributors
 2014-15    Donald Burell, CCE, Schlumberger
 2013-14    David McMillen, CCE, Waukesha Pearce Industries
 2012-13    Donald Giallanza, Halliburton
 2011-12    Carolyn Pavlovsky, CCE, Tyco Valves & Controls NA
 2010-11    Gary White, CCE, Waste Management
 2009-10    Charles Paup, CCE, Netversant
 2008-09    Ed Baldwin, CCE, Wesco Distribution
 2007-08    Rosalind Turner, Royal Baths Mfg Co