About Texas State-Wide Construction

TSWCCG asks...

Are YOU getting the most value for the $$$$$ you are spending on credit??

Members of TSWCCG get all this and more...

  • Statewide and Southwest United States credit information service on your customers in the construction industry
  • Current, 'between jobs' information on customer's current jobs and upcoming jobs Information about provisions of Texas laws which may affect your accounts receivable and your industry
  • A forum to learn how to comply with the laws affecting credit, to learn how to give legal notices and how to file liens and bonding claims
  • An opportunity to work with LAT, AIA, AGC, ASA and existing sureties and to make new contacts within these organizations
  • A part in improving construction practices and existing state laws which affect your business and, when necessary, to resist any attempt to change them Many credit reports, in addition to inquiries submitted by you
  • A structured environment to discuss day-to-day credit problems with experienced fellow credit executives and to share your solutions with them.

It’s true what they say about the company you keep. If you keep the company of credit professionals in your industry you will:

  • Have an edge by getting information on prospects and customers, first
  • Save thousands of dollars every month by knowing which customers have NOT paid your competitors according to terms
  • Avoid opening accounts for customers who have ‘stiffed’ your competitors
  • Get the truth from a network of trusted peers
  • Save even more money with special products and discounts for your industry and your profession
  • ‘Break bread’ and ‘rub shoulders’ with the best and the brightest in credit management today
  • Receive industry credit group early warning system alerts about customers, prospects, or orders that send up red flags
  • No information on a prospect? Use the “Poll My Group” privilege to get access to a safe way to build an official credit report immediately
  • Ask that ‘dumb’ question in a safe and supportive environment

A Group Designed for You!

The business credit professional’s secret weapon is an industry credit group. In this industry specific forum, credit managers in the same business field safely and legally engage in a roundtable discussion of the current debt payment practices of common customers. As the host of the Texas State-Wide Construction Group, NACM Southwest ensures compliance with anti-trust laws to keep you and your company safe. As your business credit trade association, NACM Southwest is dedicated to improving the performance of today’s business credit professional.


The Texas State-Wide Construction Credit Group enjoys a rich history:


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Board of Directors

Officers – 2017-18

Lori Drake, CBA, President Morsco/Morrison Supply
Molly Atlas, Vice President
Memco, Inc.



“Texas State-Wide Construction Credit Group offers educational speakers and valuable credit information. If there's a more valuable source out there to help me protect my company from fraud and losses, I haven't found it yet!"

Molly Atlas, Memco, Inc.
Texas Statewide Construction Past Chairperson

Contact Us

For information on membership in the Texas State-Wide Construction Credit Group, contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NACM Southwest
Phone: 281.228.6100 or click here to fill out the on-line application.