It’s true what they say about the company you keep. If you keep the company of credit professionals in your industry you will:

  • Have an edge by getting information on prospects and customers, first
  • Save thousands of dollars every month by knowing which customers have NOT paid your competitors according to terms
  • Avoid opening accounts for customers who have ‘stiffed’ your competitors
  • Get the truth from a network of trusted peers
  • Save even more money with special products and discounts for your industry and your profession
  • ‘Break bread’ and ‘rub shoulders’ with the best and the brightest in credit management today
  • Receive industry credit group early warning system alerts about customers, prospects, or orders that send up red flags
  • No information on a prospect? Use the “Poll My Group” privilege to get access to a safe way to build an official credit report immediately
  • Ask that ‘dumb’ question in a safe and supportive environment

A Group Designed for You!                      

The business credit professional’s secret weapon is an industry credit group.  In this industry specific forum, credit managers in the same business field safely and legally engage in a roundtable discussion of the current debt payment practices of common customers. As the host of the National Motor Carriers Group, NACM Southwest ensures compliance with anti-trust laws to keep you and your company safe.  As your business credit trade association, NACM Southwest is dedicated to improving the performance of today’s business credit professional.



“I have been involved with TRMG and the National Motor Carrier Group for over six years. Connecting with my peers through this organization has expanded my knowledge of the industry and has provided value to our organization. Our company has implemented business process changes and system changes based on information shared through other members of this group. The National Motor Carrier Group members are active participants that openly share business best practices so that all members can maximize opportunities to create efficiency and value within their own departments and for their organization.”

Michelle Lewis, AAA Cooper Transportation

National Motor Carriers Group Chairperson



For more information or to join, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..